Eisenhamer Engineering

Bill Eisenhamer

I'm Bill Eisenhamer, a broadcast engineering for 25 years.
In addition to being a broadcast engineer, I am also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.


I started my careeer, like many, in the college radio environment at KCSB-FM, Santa Barbara. This was the UCSB FM station. We had an AM station which was on common carrier to the dorms.

I was picked up to be the Assistant Engineer for Noble Broadcast Group in San Diego after college. I worked as the assistant at 91X and The Mighty 690, XTRA. Eventually I moved into the Chief Engineer's position. In that time Noble changed the Might 690 to XTRA Sports 690. With that change I became a sports expert in those years coordinating the sports networks for the San Diego Chargers, San Diego State Aztecs football and basketball, the L.A. Kings hockey, UCLA football and basketball, and Stanford football and basketball.

I moved to Phoeniz, AZ to be Chief Engineer of The Edge (KEDJ) and The Game (KGME). After a year there and making many improvements including studio rebuilds and a transmitter site move, I was "acquired" by Nationwide Communications (now extinct) to be the Chief of The Eagle, 94.1, in San Diego. There I headed up a facility build-out and new transmitter and antenna installation. Nationwide was acquired by Jacor, so I moved on and worked at Scott Studios for a brief stint.

While working at Scott Studios, I received a call to join Jefferson Pilot Communications, so I moved back to the daily grind at KSON, KIFM, and KBZT. I've been with these guys ever since; now Lincoln Financial Media. While here, I have remodeled every studio, we acquired KSOQ, and installed the HD transmitters for all the stations. The biggest claim is installing the first Nautel NV20 transmitters in the continental U.S.

Jefferson Pilot Communications became Lincoln Financial Media back in 2007. We are now in the process of being sold to Entercom. Let's see where my career goes from here!